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Renal Veins & Arteries
Anal Sphincter
Ureters, Bladder, Urethra
Kidney Failure
Treatment - Dialysis
Diagrams 2

Get That Stuff Out!

Welcome to Mr. Leach's Gr. 11 U Excretory Project!
Ah, the process of making pee-pee. Not as simple as you might think: This site will go over the process of discharging waste matter from the blood, tissues, or organs. (Matter such as urine and feces) We will talk about the process in which the good "stuff" re-enters the body, and what your body knows to take out. Ever wonder what organs are responsible for letting the wastes out? Or how you know when it is time to go? We'll tell you!


Quick Over-view of the Site
  We will start with the blood as it goes through the Kidneys and talk about what you may find in the kidneys, such as Nephrons. From the kidneys, the wastes enter the Bladder through the Ureters. The urine is then expelled from the body through the Urethra. 
  Fecal matter has a different path. It will pass through the small and large intestines until it reaches the anal canal. (By this time, all of the good nutrients, vitamins and useful substances the body needs have been extracted). The fecal matter is then excreted out by means of the Anal Sphincter.
  Any diseases of the excretory system? Why, yes there is lots! We will mention one :)   We will also let you know a treatment for this disease.
  There will also be a career discussed, and details about this career. (Just incase it interests you!)



This diagram shows where in the body the kidneys are located. It has a cross-section of a kidney, and displays the most important part of the kidney: the nephron. It also shows the ureters, (2 string-like tubes running down from the kidneys.) These ureters lead to the bladder. All of these organs and how they work are discussed in more detail in their appropriate link located at the left of the web-page.

What's In Feces?


Fecal matter is 75% water. The rest is made of dead bacteria that helped us digest our food, living bacteria, fiber, waste material from food, cellular linings, fats, salts, and substances released from the intestines (such as mucus) and the liver. Cellulose is also excreted, as it is found in plants and humans do not have the enzyme to break it down.

How The Wastes Come Out