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Renal Veins & Arteries
Anal Sphincter
Ureters, Bladder, Urethra
Kidney Failure
Treatment - Dialysis
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Renal Veins & Arteries


Bring the blood to, and from your kidneys!


Renal Artery


This is the artery responsible for bringing blood to the kidney from the left side of the heart. 200 quarts of blood passes through the kidneys each day, coming through the renal arteries. That means that this blood contains glucose and oxygen. There must be sufficient pressure in this artery, or else the kidney will not be able to filter the blood. The incoming artery going in to each kidney divies into four or five branches, and then form aterioles. In the above picture, tube #6 is the abdominal aorta which brances off into the renal arteries in the right and left kidney.


Renal Vein


In this vein the remainder, filtered blood is returned to the right side of the heart after all of the urea and impurities have been removed. In the picture above, tube # 4 is the inferior Vena Cava. It then brances off into the renal veins to the left and right kidney.

How The Wastes Come Out